We fulfill that mission by giving 50% of net profits back to people who serve their fellow Americans.

 Who We Help


We endeavor to support those who serve, those that make this great place that we call home even better. We are beginning that mission by donating 50% of our net profits to first responders, military members and their families through donations to three charities: Folds of Honor, Chive Charities and Task Force Dagger.


Helping Here at Home


We believe that all service to any fellow human (or living creature for that matter) is admirable and honorable. We just see so much need and so many amazing people meeting those needs in our own backyard that we are going to focus at home for now.


Why We Need You


Without your support, we can’t do any of this. So, the next time you are in the market for bottled water, coffee or a new t-shirt, please choose Live to Give. We promise to offer you high-quality products that we try diligently to source in the USA. By choosing Live to Give, you will help us give back to those that give so much.



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