The normal dude, Zach Smith, spent the first few years of his career in a sales position, but had big dreams of starting something that allowed others to give back on a daily basis to those that have given so much. Zach eventually left his sales job and set out to make his dream a reality. 

Through a series of fortunate circumstances, Zach ended up in a coffee shop with medically-retired Green Beret John Wayne Walding. John served for 12 years and lost his leg to sniper fire in the famous battle of Shok Valley. John’s heroism during that battle was recognized with a Silver Star and The Purple Heart that he added to his previously awarded Bronze Star.

After talking for only an hour, Zach knew that John was a true American hero, one of the good ones that gave so much. Zach shared his charitable vision with John, and John was immediately onboard. 

Together the men brought the vision to life by agreeing that they would give 50% of their net profits to support those who serve. They decided to first launch a premium bottled water because they felt that would allow Americans an easy, every day way to give back. And…so…Live to Give was born in September of 2019.


Warrior. True American Hero.

(he hates it when we say that)

John Wayne Walding, aptly born on the 4th of July, lost his leg to sniper fire while fighting in the battle of Shok Valley, Afghanistan. After being hit, John continued to fight next to his fellow soldiers for an incredible four more hours. The numbers that day are the story of legends. Twelve American Warriors. Two hundred enemy fighters. Two Medals of Honor. One Air Force Cross. Eight Silver Stars. Eight Purple Hearts. And the most important number…ZERO. Zero American fatalities. John then went on to become the first amputee to re-qualify as a Green Beret Sniper. He medically retired in 2013. Live to Give is his way of continuing to serve.


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Normal Dude. Big Heart.

(he is mostly fine with us saying that)

Zach Smith spent his early career in sales for an oil and gas company, but always knew that he wanted his legacy to be more. After years of working on different business models and different products, he finally decided to take the leap and work on his idea full time. He met John in a coffee shop, found someone to bottle his water and the rest is history…exactly six months worth of history…the brand launched in 2019…so, we will call it history in the making.


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