Live to Give donates 50% of net profits from the sale of our water to charities that support and aid Veterans, First Responders and their Families. 

For 2019, Live to Give has selected the following charities to receive our donations:

Chive Charities

Folds of Honor

Task Force Dagger

We hope to select additional charities to work with in the future and reserve the right to change charities with whom we work. All charities receiving donations will be identified on this site. We calculate net profit as revenues net of all product costs and costs to operate the company, including but not limited to marketing spend, sales spend, discounts, salaries, rents, insurance and sales tax.  After all of those costs are paid, 50% of the revenue goes to these charities. Regardless of future profits, Live to Give has already guaranteed EACH charity will receive a MINIMUM of $5,000 that has already been reserved in our operating budget.  Payments made to charity will be made on a quarterly basis. We will report all amounts paid to charity on this site. Our commitment to support charities does not constitute an endorsement, sponsorship, partnership or any other formal relationship at law between the parties.  At this time, Live to Give does not distribute our water in states requiring charitable commercial co-venture registration.  If you have any questions about our mission, contact us at: